Saturday, 17 September 2011

History is his story.

Tuesday, I will have a history test. According to my friends, my notes are really well written. I feel like I will do well, but there's always room for improvement.  I wanted to studay for history today, but my brother is having a Call of Duty party with his friends. Tomorrow I have to study for my French test (which is utterly useless, says the other class) as well for my journalism class.  So today = fail of studying. I'm just going to reread my notes tonight a few times and let the real studying commence tomorrow and Monday.
I have got to get atleast an 85% or higher.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Picture day .

Last Thursday was my last high school picture day. A dew people wore a costume to make their last picture humorous.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan, thus I wore my Slytherin hoody.  Given that my hair is fairly long, and the Slytherin writing is pretty much at the top of the hoody on the front, if I let my hair down, you wouldn't be able to see that what I was wearing was a Harry Potter hoody.  I decided to put my hair up in a pony tail.  I wonder how well the picture will turn out, especially because I dyed my hair black two days before the pictures and I had a bit or hair dye on my face... Consequently, I politely asked the lady taking the picture if I can see the result.  She bluntly said "no" in a rude manner. She also added "Are you worried that you won't look good for your student card?" I replied "yes, and for the yearbook". Being a total know-it-all, she said that this picture doesn't go in the yearbook.  Being a part of the yearbook committee, I said "yes it does." Then we argued about me seeing  the picture. In the end I lost. What a shame. When I was getting up to leave, she added "if you don't like your picture, you can come to the re-takes."

University of Guelph.

Today after school the University of Guelph came to recruit future students. Only three showed up including me.  For such a big and well known school, only three students went.  I thought that that was sad. 
The lady ( we'll call her Kim) is a graduate.  She often talked about the food they serve in the cafeteria.  I know food is quite important in human life in order to survive, but she kept on talking about more than she had to. 
My friend Jessika went with me to get information on the school with another girl. She was interested in something related to biology, Jessika was interested in social sciences (I think) and me in Journalism.  Kim barely spoke about those. Why? Cause food was on her mind and how she's a ''foody person''.
Since I play basketball, I was wondering if I could get a scolarship and if I would have time to balance my studies with basektball. She said that she likes basketball and "personally" she thinks it is possible. I thought she played basketball, because she'd understand better. But instead, she watches the games and observes how others balance studies and sports. Thanks, Kim, you were a great help on that note....
But other than that, I think University of Guelph is a good school to go to.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Senior Year?

Senior year. That means, graduation is in about nine months and I have to apply to universities in by mid January.  It feels only like last week I started the seventh grade. I had a long time to decide what I wanted to do with my life.  Now I've only got a few months left to make one of the biggest decisions of my life. My dream, that I have mentioned to a few people only, is to work for a successful magazine.  I love writing. Therefore, I have decided to start this blog, as it is never too late.

This year, my goal with my friend Zoe is to try out for every sports team that my school offers.  I have been playing basketball since grade 6 and made the team at school every year.  Last year, a 12th grader and I shared the position of captain.  That is my goal this year as well.  I want to lead the team to victory this year. Or at least win the first playoff game, because it's tradition that the girls senior basketball team always lose the first game of playoffs and never go further.
I am also trying out for the hockey team. We'll see how that goes. I'm borrowing equipment from a few friends, since I don't play on a regular team.  I have also made the ultimate frisbee team ! First tournament is on October 8th! Zoe and I couldn't join the golf team this year, because there wasn't enough place for us on the team and we were too late to join it. It took a lot of time to convince her, and by the time I did, it was too late.