Wednesday, 14 September 2011

University of Guelph.

Today after school the University of Guelph came to recruit future students. Only three showed up including me.  For such a big and well known school, only three students went.  I thought that that was sad. 
The lady ( we'll call her Kim) is a graduate.  She often talked about the food they serve in the cafeteria.  I know food is quite important in human life in order to survive, but she kept on talking about more than she had to. 
My friend Jessika went with me to get information on the school with another girl. She was interested in something related to biology, Jessika was interested in social sciences (I think) and me in Journalism.  Kim barely spoke about those. Why? Cause food was on her mind and how she's a ''foody person''.
Since I play basketball, I was wondering if I could get a scolarship and if I would have time to balance my studies with basektball. She said that she likes basketball and "personally" she thinks it is possible. I thought she played basketball, because she'd understand better. But instead, she watches the games and observes how others balance studies and sports. Thanks, Kim, you were a great help on that note....
But other than that, I think University of Guelph is a good school to go to.

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